Working with Payment Requests in AWS IQ - AWS IQ

Working with Payment Requests in AWS IQ

In AWS IQ, you request payment after completing work. This topic leads you through making a payment request.


Create a Payment Request

  1. Sign in to the AWS IQ console at

  2. On the Requests page, choose Responded.

  3. Choose the customer request for which you are creating the payment request.

  4. Choose Request Payment in the Proposals pane under the accepted proposal.

  5. Specify the amount you are requesting at this time, for this proposal Requested payment amount.

    Your payment request cannot exceed the Amount remaining.

  6. Describe what you delivered to the customer in the Description of work delivered field. Tell the customer about the work associated with this payment request. Refer back to the proposal if needed.

  7. If this is your final request, choose Final payment request.

    Checking this box concludes the associated proposal. If you check the box, you can't submit additional payment requests for this project.

  8. Choose Request.