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Working with proposals in AWS IQ

To formalize an agreement with a customer in AWS IQ, create a proposal. The proposal can include details about the work to be performed, the project milestones, the timeline for payments, and any additional terms. The proposal also includes the maximum amount to charge the customer.

Customers can indicate their preferred expert location when they submit a request. You can contact the customer to discuss the details of the request and ask if they are flexible about their preferred location.

Customers review and accept or decline proposals in the AWS IQ console.

You can withdraw a proposal, or a customer can decline a proposal if more work is needed. You and the customer can discuss what changes are needed through a chat session or a call, and then you submit a new proposal for approval.


AWS IQ does not support modifying a proposal after it is created.

Create a proposal

Create a proposal in the AWS IQ console after you have enough information to understand a customer request. If you need more information before proceeding, chat with the customer or set up a call to discuss the details.

To create a proposal

  1. Sign in to the AWS IQ console at

  2. On the Requests page, choose Responded.

  3. Choose the customer request for which you're creating the proposal.

  4. Choose Create in the Proposals pane.

  5. Specify a total amount for the proposal.

    You can't create a payment request that exceeds this amount without creating additional proposals.

  6. Describe what you will deliver to the customer. Include the terms for this project, milestones, payment schedule for payment requests, and any necessary additions to the Engagement Agreement.

    Limited Markdown styling is supported (see the following Markdown guide).

  7. When you're finished writing your proposal, choose Send.

    The customer will receive the proposal and accept or decline it.

Markdown guide

You can format the text in your proposal using the following Markdown styles.

Formatting Markdown Display
Bold text **Apples** Apples
Italic text *Apples* or _Apples_ Apples
Hyperlinks [Amazon]( Amazon
Bulleted lists
* Apples * Oranges * Pears
  • Apples

  • Oranges

  • Pears

Numbered lists
1. Apples 2. Oranges 3. Pears
  1. Apples

  2. Oranges

  3. Pears