Working with proposals in AWS IQ - AWS IQ

Working with proposals in AWS IQ

In AWS IQ, an expert creates a proposal that specifies the detailed terms, including a payment schedule, the timeline, the specific deliverables, and any other terms that the expert would like to specify. The proposal also includes the maximum cost. When an expert creates a proposal, you can accept or decline it.

When an expert first creates a proposal, the status of the proposal is Proposed. The possible status values are as follows:

  • Proposed – The default status of a proposal.

  • Accepted – If you're ready to work with the expert and agree to the terms, choose Accept to move the proposal to the Accepted status.

  • Declined – If you want to change the proposal terms, you can decline the proposal and then ask the expert to resubmit with new terms. Use AWS IQ chat to ask questions.

  • Withdrawn – The expert has withdrawn the proposal, and it can no longer be accepted.

Reviewing a proposal from an expert

After an AWS Certified expert or AWS Partner creates a proposal, you can review it before accepting or declining. The expert will select one of three payment types: upfront, in milestones, or based on a pre-set schedule. For more details about payment types, see Payments.

Review the chosen payment type, and decide if it is acceptable for you. If the proposal looks good, choose Accept. If you want to renegotiate the terms of a proposal, choose Decline. Use the chat functionality in AWS IQ to tell the expert what you want to change.

Next steps

After you have accepted a proposal, the expert might request permission to access your AWS account. For more information, see Permissions requests in AWS IQ.