Restrictions on AWS-Generated Cost Allocation Tags - AWS Billing and Cost Management

Restrictions on AWS-Generated Cost Allocation Tags

The following restrictions apply to the AWS generated tags:

  • Only master accounts can activate AWS generated tags.

  • You can't update, edit, or delete AWS generated tags.

  • AWS-generated cost allocation tags aren't applied to resources that were created before the tag was activated.

  • The maximum active tag keys for Billing and Cost Management reports is 500.

  • AWS generated tags are created using CloudTrail logs. CloudTrail logs over a certain size cause AWS generated tag creation to fail.

  • The reserved prefix is aws:.

    AWS generated tag names and values are automatically assigned the aws: prefix, which you can't assign. AWS generated tag names don't count towards the user-defined resource tag limit of 50. User-defined tag names have the prefix user: in the cost allocation report.