Trying services using AWS Free Tier - AWS Billing

Trying services using AWS Free Tier

When you create an AWS account, you can try some AWS services free of charge within certain usage limits.

AWS Free Tier provides three types of offers:

Always free

These free tier offers don't expire and are available to all AWS customers.

12 months free

You can use these offers for 12 months following your initial sign up date to AWS.

Short-term trials

You can use a free tier limit each month for less than 12 months. Most short-term free trial offers start from the date that you activate a particular service.

To find services that offer AWS Free Tier benefits, types, and usage limits
  1. Navigate to the AWS Free Tier page.

  2. In the Free Tier details section, choose a filter to search for the tier type and product category.

    For example, you can choose Always Free and choose Compute to learn about the number of free requests available for AWS Lambda (Lambda).

For more information about AWS Free Tier and on how to avoid charges while you’re eligible, see the following topics: