Viewing your monthly charges - AWS Billing and Cost Management

Viewing your monthly charges

At the end of a billing cycle or at the time you choose to incur a one-time fee, AWS charges the credit card you have on file and issues your invoice as a PDF file. You can download the PDF from the Account Activity page in the Billing and Cost Management console using the following steps.


IAM users need explicit permission to see some of the pages in the Billing and Cost Management console.

To view your monthly charges

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Billing and Cost Management console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Bills.

  3. For Date, choose a month.

    The Summary section displays a summary and details of your charges for that month. It is not an invoice, however, until the month's activity closes and AWS calculates final charges.

    If you use the consolidated billing feature in AWS Organizations, the Bills page lists totals for all accounts on the Consolidated Bill Details tab. Choose the Bill Details by Account tab to see the activity for each account in the organization. For more information about consolidated billing, see Consolidated billing for AWS Organizations.

To view your charges for a different month

  • On the Bills page, select the month you want from the Date list.

To download a copy of your charges as a PDF document

  1. On the Bills page, select a month from the Date list for which all activity is closed.

  2. On the Summary tab, choose Usage Charges and Recurring Fees.

  3. Choose the Invoice <invoiceID> link.

To download a monthly report

  • Choose the Download CSV button, and then choose the appropriate option.