AWS Billing and Cost Management
User Guide (Version 2.0)

Contacting Customer Support About Your Bill

The quickest way to find answers to questions about your bill might be to start with the AWS Knowledge Center.

In addition, all AWS account owners have access to account and billing support free of charge. Only personalized technical support requires a support plan. For more information, visit the AWS Support web site.

This section guides you through contacting AWS Support and opening a support case for your billing inquiry, which is the fastest and most direct method for communicating with AWS Support. AWS Support does not publish a direct phone number for reaching a support representative.


To open an AWS Support case where you specify Regarding: Account and Billing Support, you must either be signed into AWS as the root account owner, or have IAM permissions to open a support case. For more information, see Accessing AWS Support in the AWS Support User Guide.

Contacting AWS Support

  1. Sign in and navigate to the AWS Support Center. If prompted, type the email address and password for your account.

  2. Choose Open a new case.

  3. On the Open a new case page, select Account and Billing Support and fill in the required fields on the form.

    After you complete the form, you can choose Web for an email response, or Phone to request a telephone call from an AWS Support representative. Instant messaging support is not available for billing inquiries.

If you have closed your AWS account, you can still sign in to contact Customer Support and view past bills.