AWS Batch Event Stream for CloudWatch Events - AWS Batch

AWS Batch Event Stream for CloudWatch Events

You can use the AWS Batch event stream for CloudWatch Events to receive near real-time notifications regarding the current state of jobs that have been submitted to your job queues.

Using CloudWatch Events, you can monitor the progress of jobs, build AWS Batch custom workflows with complex dependencies, generate usage reports or metrics around job execution, or build your own custom dashboards. With AWS Batch and CloudWatch Events, you can eliminate scheduling and monitoring code that continuously polls AWS Batch for job status changes. Instead, handle AWS Batch job state changes asynchronously using any CloudWatch Events target, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, or Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

Events from the AWS Batch event stream are ensured to be delivered at least one time. In the event that duplicate events are sent, the event provides enough information to identify duplicates (you can compare the time stamp of the event and the job status).

AWS Batch jobs are available as CloudWatch Events targets. Using simple rules that you can quickly set up, you can match events and submit AWS Batch jobs in response to them. For more information, see What is Amazon CloudWatch Events? in the Amazon CloudWatch Events User Guide. You can also use CloudWatch Events to schedule automated actions that self-trigger at certain times using cron or rate expressions. For more information, see Schedule Expressions for Rules in the Amazon CloudWatch Events User Guide. For an example walkthrough, see AWS Batch Jobs as CloudWatch Events Targets.