class aws_cdk.aws_ecs.AppMeshProxyConfiguration(*, container_name, properties)

Bases: aws_cdk.aws_ecs.ProxyConfiguration

The class for App Mesh proxy configurations.

For tasks using the EC2 launch type, the container instances require at least version 1.26.0 of the container agent and at least version 1.26.0-1 of the ecs-init package to enable a proxy configuration. If your container instances are launched from the Amazon ECS-optimized AMI version 20190301 or later, then they contain the required versions of the container agent and ecs-init. For more information, see Amazon ECS-optimized AMIs.

For tasks using the Fargate launch type, the task or service requires platform version 1.3.0 or later.

Constructs a new instance of the AppMeshProxyConfiguration class.

  • container_name (str) – The name of the container that will serve as the App Mesh proxy.

  • properties (AppMeshProxyConfigurationProps) – The set of network configuration parameters to provide the Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin.


bind(_scope, _task_definition)

Called when the proxy configuration is configured on a task definition.

Return type