Amazon Elastic Container Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2014-11-13)

Amazon ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux AMI


Amazon ECS vends Linux AMIs that are optimized for the service in two variants. The latest and recommended version is based on Amazon Linux 2. Amazon ECS also vends AMIs that are based on the Amazon Linux AMI, but we recommend that you migrate your workloads to the Amazon Linux 2 variant, as support for the Amazon Linux AMI will end no later than June 30, 2020. For more information, see Amazon ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux 2 AMI.

The Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMIs are provided for you to use to launch your Amazon ECS container instances. Although you can create your own container instance AMI that meets the basic specifications outlined in Container Instance AMIs, the Amazon ECS-optimized AMIs are preconfigured and tested on Amazon ECS by AWS engineers.

The current Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMI consists of:

  • The latest minimal version of the Amazon Linux AMI

  • The latest version of the Amazon ECS container agent (1.21.0)

  • The recommended version of Docker for the latest Amazon ECS container agent (18.06.1-ce)

  • The latest version of the ecs-init package to run and monitor the Amazon ECS agent (1.21.0-1)

The Amazon ECS-optimized AMI metadata, including the AMI ID, can be retrieved programmatically. For more information, see Retrieving Amazon ECS-Optimized AMI Metadata.

The current Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMI IDs by region are listed below for reference.

Region AMI Name AMI ID EC2 console link
us-east-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0a0c6574ce16ce87a Launch instance
us-east-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-07eb698ce660402d2 Launch instance
us-west-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-09568291a9d6c804c Launch instance
us-west-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-04c22ba97a0c063c4 Launch instance
eu-west-3 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0a0948de946510ec0 Launch instance
eu-west-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0cb31bf24b130a0f9 Launch instance
eu-west-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-066826c6a40879d75 Launch instance
eu-central-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0b9fee3a2d0596ed1 Launch instance
ap-northeast-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0b52e57bed048ca48 Launch instance
ap-northeast-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0edf19001c48838c7 Launch instance
ap-southeast-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-08c26730c8ee004fa Launch instance
ap-southeast-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-08d4fe232c67b81b8 Launch instance
ca-central-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-055750f063052ec55 Launch instance
ap-south-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-05f009513cd58ac90 Launch instance
sa-east-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0ada25501ac1375b3 Launch instance
us-gov-west-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.h-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-3c39a25d Launch instance