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@Stability(Stable) public static interface CfnFlow.ScheduledTriggerPropertiesProperty extends
Specifies the configuration details of a schedule-triggered flow as defined by the user.

Currently, these settings only apply to the Scheduled trigger type.


 // The code below shows an example of how to instantiate this type.
 // The values are placeholders you should change.
 ScheduledTriggerPropertiesProperty scheduledTriggerPropertiesProperty = ScheduledTriggerPropertiesProperty.builder()
         // the properties below are optional
  • Method Details

    • getScheduleExpression

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull String getScheduleExpression()
      The scheduling expression that determines the rate at which the schedule will run, for example rate(5minutes) .
    • getDataPullMode

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getDataPullMode()
      Specifies whether a scheduled flow has an incremental data transfer or a complete data transfer for each flow run.
    • getFirstExecutionFrom

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default Number getFirstExecutionFrom()
      Specifies the date range for the records to import from the connector in the first flow run.
    • getFlowErrorDeactivationThreshold

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default Number getFlowErrorDeactivationThreshold()
    • getScheduleEndTime

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default Number getScheduleEndTime()
      The time at which the scheduled flow ends.

      The time is formatted as a timestamp that follows the ISO 8601 standard, such as 2022-04-27T13:00:00-07:00 .

    • getScheduleOffset

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default Number getScheduleOffset()
      Specifies the optional offset that is added to the time interval for a schedule-triggered flow.
    • getScheduleStartTime

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default Number getScheduleStartTime()
      The time at which the scheduled flow starts.

      The time is formatted as a timestamp that follows the ISO 8601 standard, such as 2022-04-26T13:00:00-07:00 .

    • getTimeZone

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getTimeZone()
      Specifies the time zone used when referring to the dates and times of a scheduled flow, such as America/New_York .

      This time zone is only a descriptive label. It doesn't affect how Amazon AppFlow interprets the timestamps that you specify to schedule the flow.

      If you want to schedule a flow by using times in a particular time zone, indicate the time zone as a UTC offset in your timestamps. For example, the UTC offsets for the America/New_York timezone are -04:00 EDT and -05:00 EST .

    • builder

      @Stability(Stable) static CfnFlow.ScheduledTriggerPropertiesProperty.Builder builder()
      a CfnFlow.ScheduledTriggerPropertiesProperty.Builder of CfnFlow.ScheduledTriggerPropertiesProperty