Class BuildEnvironmentVariable.Jsii$Proxy

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@Stability(Stable) @Internal public static final class BuildEnvironmentVariable.Jsii$Proxy extends implements BuildEnvironmentVariable
An implementation for BuildEnvironmentVariable
  • Constructor Details

    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy( objRef)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on values retrieved from the JsiiObject.
      objRef - Reference to the JSII managed object.
    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy(BuildEnvironmentVariable.Builder builder)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on literal property values passed by the BuildEnvironmentVariable.Builder.
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    • getValue

      public final Object getValue()
      Description copied from interface: BuildEnvironmentVariable
      The value of the environment variable.

      For plain-text variables (the default), this is the literal value of variable. For SSM parameter variables, pass the name of the parameter here (parameterName property of IParameter). For SecretsManager variables secrets, pass either the secret name (secretName property of ISecret) or the secret ARN (secretArn property of ISecret) here, along with optional SecretsManager qualifiers separated by ':', like the JSON key, or the version or stage (see for details).

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      getValue in interface BuildEnvironmentVariable
    • getType

      public final BuildEnvironmentVariableType getType()
      Description copied from interface: BuildEnvironmentVariable
      The type of environment variable.

      Default: PlainText

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      getType in interface BuildEnvironmentVariable
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      @Internal public com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode $jsii$toJson()
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      $jsii$toJson in interface
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      public final boolean equals(Object o)
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      public final int hashCode()
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