Class AccessKeysRotatedProps.Jsii$Proxy

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessKeysRotatedProps, RuleProps,
Enclosing interface:

@Stability(Stable) @Internal public static final class AccessKeysRotatedProps.Jsii$Proxy extends implements AccessKeysRotatedProps
An implementation for AccessKeysRotatedProps
  • Constructor Details

    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy( objRef)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on values retrieved from the JsiiObject.
      objRef - Reference to the JSII managed object.
    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy(AccessKeysRotatedProps.Builder builder)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on literal property values passed by the AccessKeysRotatedProps.Builder.
  • Method Details

    • getMaxAge

      public final Duration getMaxAge()
      Description copied from interface: AccessKeysRotatedProps
      The maximum number of days within which the access keys must be rotated.

      Default: Duration.days(90)

      Specified by:
      getMaxAge in interface AccessKeysRotatedProps
    • getConfigRuleName

      public final String getConfigRuleName()
      Description copied from interface: RuleProps
      A name for the AWS Config rule.

      Default: - CloudFormation generated name

      Specified by:
      getConfigRuleName in interface RuleProps
    • getDescription

      public final String getDescription()
      Description copied from interface: RuleProps
      A description about this AWS Config rule.

      Default: - No description

      Specified by:
      getDescription in interface RuleProps
    • getInputParameters

      public final Map<String,Object> getInputParameters()
      Description copied from interface: RuleProps
      Input parameter values that are passed to the AWS Config rule.

      Default: - No input parameters

      Specified by:
      getInputParameters in interface RuleProps
    • getMaximumExecutionFrequency

      public final MaximumExecutionFrequency getMaximumExecutionFrequency()
      Description copied from interface: RuleProps
      The maximum frequency at which the AWS Config rule runs evaluations.

      Default: MaximumExecutionFrequency.TWENTY_FOUR_HOURS

      Specified by:
      getMaximumExecutionFrequency in interface RuleProps
    • getRuleScope

      public final RuleScope getRuleScope()
      Description copied from interface: RuleProps
      Defines which resources trigger an evaluation for an AWS Config rule.

      Default: - evaluations for the rule are triggered when any resource in the recording group changes.

      Specified by:
      getRuleScope in interface RuleProps
    • $jsii$toJson

      @Internal public com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode $jsii$toJson()
      Specified by:
      $jsii$toJson in interface
    • equals

      public final boolean equals(Object o)
      equals in class Object
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      public final int hashCode()
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