Class CfnLocationSMB.MountOptionsProperty.Builder

All Implemented Interfaces:<CfnLocationSMB.MountOptionsProperty>
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@Stability(Stable) public static final class CfnLocationSMB.MountOptionsProperty.Builder extends Object implements<CfnLocationSMB.MountOptionsProperty>
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      public Builder()
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    • version

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnLocationSMB.MountOptionsProperty.Builder version(String version)
      version - By default, DataSync automatically chooses an SMB protocol version based on negotiation with your SMB file server. You also can configure DataSync to use a specific SMB version, but we recommend doing this only if DataSync has trouble negotiating with the SMB file server automatically.

      These are the following options for configuring the SMB version:

      • AUTOMATIC (default): DataSync and the SMB file server negotiate the highest version of SMB that they mutually support between 2.1 and 3.1.1.

      This is the recommended option. If you instead choose a specific version that your file server doesn't support, you may get an Operation Not Supported error.

      • SMB3 : Restricts the protocol negotiation to only SMB version 3.0.2.
      • SMB2 : Restricts the protocol negotiation to only SMB version 2.1.
      • SMB2_0 : Restricts the protocol negotiation to only SMB version 2.0.
      • SMB1 : Restricts the protocol negotiation to only SMB version 1.0.

      The SMB1 option isn't available when creating an Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP location .

    • build

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnLocationSMB.MountOptionsProperty build()
      Builds the configured instance.
      Specified by:
      build in interface<CfnLocationSMB.MountOptionsProperty>
      a new instance of CfnLocationSMB.MountOptionsProperty
      NullPointerException - if any required attribute was not provided