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@Generated(value="jsii-pacmak/1.84.0 (build 5404dcf)", date="2023-06-19T16:30:46.772Z") @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated public interface ClusterProps extends
(deprecated) Properties to instantiate the Cluster.


 Cluster.Builder.create(this, "cluster")
         .defaultCapacityInstance(new InstanceType("m2.xlarge"))
  • Method Details

    • getClusterName

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default String getClusterName()
      (deprecated) Name for the cluster.

      Default: - Automatically generated name

    • getDefaultCapacity

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default Number getDefaultCapacity()
      (deprecated) Number of instances to allocate as an initial capacity for this cluster.

      Instance type can be configured through defaultCapacityInstanceType, which defaults to m5.large.

      Use cluster.addCapacity to add additional customized capacity. Set this to 0 is you wish to avoid the initial capacity allocation.

      Default: 2

    • getDefaultCapacityInstance

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default InstanceType getDefaultCapacityInstance()
      (deprecated) The instance type to use for the default capacity.

      This will only be taken into account if defaultCapacity is > 0.

      Default: m5.large

    • getKubectlEnabled

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default Boolean getKubectlEnabled()
      (deprecated) Allows defining kubectrl-related resources on this cluster.

      If this is disabled, it will not be possible to use the following capabilities:

      • addResource
      • addRoleMapping
      • addUserMapping
      • addMastersRole and props.mastersRole

      If this is disabled, the cluster can only be managed by issuing kubectl commands from a session that uses the IAM role/user that created the account.

      NOTE: changing this value will destoy the cluster. This is because a managable cluster must be created using an AWS CloudFormation custom resource which executes with an IAM role owned by the CDK app.

      Default: true The cluster can be managed by the AWS CDK application.

    • getMastersRole

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default IRole getMastersRole()
      (deprecated) An IAM role that will be added to the system:masters Kubernetes RBAC group.

      Default: - By default, it will only possible to update this Kubernetes system by adding resources to this cluster via `addResource` or by defining `KubernetesResource` resources in your AWS CDK app. Use this if you wish to grant cluster administration privileges to another role.

      See Also:
    • getOutputClusterName

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default Boolean getOutputClusterName()
      (deprecated) Determines whether a CloudFormation output with the name of the cluster will be synthesized.

      Default: false

    • getOutputConfigCommand

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default Boolean getOutputConfigCommand()
      (deprecated) Determines whether a CloudFormation output with the aws eks update-kubeconfig command will be synthesized.

      This command will include the cluster name and, if applicable, the ARN of the masters IAM role.

      Default: true

    • getOutputMastersRoleArn

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default Boolean getOutputMastersRoleArn()
      (deprecated) Determines whether a CloudFormation output with the ARN of the "masters" IAM role will be synthesized (if mastersRole is specified).

      Default: false

    • getRole

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default IRole getRole()
      (deprecated) Role that provides permissions for the Kubernetes control plane to make calls to AWS API operations on your behalf.

      Default: - A role is automatically created for you

    • getSecurityGroup

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default ISecurityGroup getSecurityGroup()
      (deprecated) Security Group to use for Control Plane ENIs.

      Default: - A security group is automatically created

    • getVersion

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default String getVersion()
      (deprecated) The Kubernetes version to run in the cluster.

      Default: - If not supplied, will use Amazon default version

    • getVpc

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default IVpc getVpc()
      (deprecated) The VPC in which to create the Cluster.

      Default: - a VPC with default configuration will be created and can be accessed through `cluster.vpc`.

    • getVpcSubnets

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated @Nullable default List<SubnetSelection> getVpcSubnets()
      (deprecated) Where to place EKS Control Plane ENIs.

      If you want to create public load balancers, this must include public subnets.

      For example, to only select private subnets, supply the following:

       Map<String, SubnetType>[] vpcSubnets = List.of(Map.of("subnetType", SubnetType.PRIVATE_WITH_NAT));

      Default: - All public and private subnets

    • builder

      @Stability(Deprecated) @Deprecated static ClusterProps.Builder builder()
      a ClusterProps.Builder of ClusterProps