Interface CfnFleetMetricProps

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@Generated(value="jsii-pacmak/1.84.0 (build 5404dcf)", date="2023-06-19T16:29:57.546Z") @Stability(Stable) public interface CfnFleetMetricProps extends
Properties for defining a CfnFleetMetric.


 // The code below shows an example of how to instantiate this type.
 // The values are placeholders you should change.
 CfnFleetMetricProps cfnFleetMetricProps = CfnFleetMetricProps.builder()
         // the properties below are optional
  • Method Details

    • getMetricName

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull String getMetricName()
      The name of the fleet metric to create.
    • getAggregationField

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getAggregationField()
      The field to aggregate.
    • getAggregationType

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default Object getAggregationType()
      The type of the aggregation query.
    • getDescription

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getDescription()
      The fleet metric description.
    • getIndexName

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getIndexName()
      The name of the index to search.
    • getPeriod

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default Number getPeriod()
      The time in seconds between fleet metric emissions.

      Range [60(1 min), 86400(1 day)] and must be multiple of 60.

    • getQueryString

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getQueryString()
      The search query string.
    • getQueryVersion

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getQueryVersion()
      The query version.
    • getTags

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default List<CfnTag> getTags()
      Metadata which can be used to manage the fleet metric.
    • getUnit

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getUnit()
      Used to support unit transformation such as milliseconds to seconds.

      Must be a unit supported by CW metric. Default to null.

    • builder

      @Stability(Stable) static CfnFleetMetricProps.Builder builder()
      a CfnFleetMetricProps.Builder of CfnFleetMetricProps