Class CfnSuiteDefinitionProps.Jsii$Proxy

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@Stability(Stable) @Internal public static final class CfnSuiteDefinitionProps.Jsii$Proxy extends implements CfnSuiteDefinitionProps
An implementation for CfnSuiteDefinitionProps
  • Constructor Details

    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy( objRef)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on values retrieved from the JsiiObject.
      objRef - Reference to the JSII managed object.
    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy(CfnSuiteDefinitionProps.Builder builder)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on literal property values passed by the CfnSuiteDefinitionProps.Builder.
  • Method Details

    • getSuiteDefinitionConfiguration

      public final Object getSuiteDefinitionConfiguration()
      Description copied from interface: CfnSuiteDefinitionProps
      The configuration of the Suite Definition. Listed below are the required elements of the SuiteDefinitionConfiguration .

      • devicePermissionRoleArn - The device permission arn.

      This is a required element.

      Type: String

      • devices - The list of configured devices under test. For more information on devices under test, see DeviceUnderTest

      Not a required element.

      Type: List of devices under test

      • intendedForQualification - The tests intended for qualification in a suite.

      Not a required element.

      Type: Boolean

      • rootGroup - The test suite root group. For more information on creating and using root groups see the Device Advisor workflow .

      This is a required element.

      Type: String

      • suiteDefinitionName - The Suite Definition Configuration name.

      This is a required element.

      Type: String

      Specified by:
      getSuiteDefinitionConfiguration in interface CfnSuiteDefinitionProps
    • getTags

      public final List<CfnTag> getTags()
      Description copied from interface: CfnSuiteDefinitionProps
      Metadata that can be used to manage the the Suite Definition.
      Specified by:
      getTags in interface CfnSuiteDefinitionProps
    • $jsii$toJson

      @Internal public com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode $jsii$toJson()
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      $jsii$toJson in interface
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      public final boolean equals(Object o)
      equals in class Object
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      public final int hashCode()
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