Uses of Interface

Packages that use IFunction
AWS CDK Custom Resources
Amazon API Gateway Construct Library
AWS APIGatewayv2 Authorizers
AWS APIGatewayv2 Integrations
AWS AppSync Construct Library
Lifecycle Hook for the CDK AWS AutoScaling Library
AWS CloudFormation Construct Library
AWS CloudTrail Construct Library
AWS CodeDeploy Construct Library
AWS CodePipeline Actions
Amazon Cognito Construct Library
AWS Config Construct Library
Targets for AWS Elastic Load Balancing V2
Event Targets for Amazon EventBridge
Actions for AWS IoT Rule
Actions for AWS::IoTEvents Detector Model
Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Construct Library
AWS Lambda Construct Library
Amazon Lambda Destinations Library
AWS Lambda Event Sources
Amazon Lambda Golang Library
Amazon Lambda Node.js Library
Amazon Lambda Python Library
AWS CloudWatch Logs Subscription Destination Library
S3 Bucket Notifications Destinations
AWS::S3ObjectLambda Construct Library
AWS Secrets Manager Construct Library
Amazon Simple Email Service Actions Library
CDK Construct Library for Amazon Simple Notification Service Subscriptions
Tasks for AWS Step Functions