Class CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty.Jsii$Proxy

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@Stability(Stable) @Internal public static final class CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty.Jsii$Proxy extends implements CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty
  • Constructor Details

    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy( objRef)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on values retrieved from the JsiiObject.
      objRef - Reference to the JSII managed object.
    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy(CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty.Builder builder)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on literal property values passed by the CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty.Builder.
  • Method Details

    • getPriority

      public final Number getPriority()
      Description copied from interface: CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty
      Indicates the order in which to run this rule relative to all of the rules that are defined for a stateless rule group.

      Network Firewall evaluates the rules in a rule group starting with the lowest priority setting. You must ensure that the priority settings are unique for the rule group.

      Each stateless rule group uses exactly one StatelessRulesAndCustomActions object, and each StatelessRulesAndCustomActions contains exactly one StatelessRules object. To ensure unique priority settings for your rule groups, set unique priorities for the stateless rules that you define inside any single StatelessRules object.

      You can change the priority settings of your rules at any time. To make it easier to insert rules later, number them so there's a wide range in between, for example use 100, 200, and so on.

      Specified by:
      getPriority in interface CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty
    • getRuleDefinition

      public final Object getRuleDefinition()
      Description copied from interface: CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty
      Defines the stateless 5-tuple packet inspection criteria and the action to take on a packet that matches the criteria.
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      getRuleDefinition in interface CfnRuleGroup.StatelessRuleProperty
    • $jsii$toJson

      @Internal public com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode $jsii$toJson()
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      $jsii$toJson in interface
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      public final boolean equals(Object o)
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