Class CfnOrganizationalUnitProps.Jsii$Proxy

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@Stability(Stable) @Internal public static final class CfnOrganizationalUnitProps.Jsii$Proxy extends implements CfnOrganizationalUnitProps
An implementation for CfnOrganizationalUnitProps
  • Constructor Details

    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy( objRef)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on values retrieved from the JsiiObject.
      objRef - Reference to the JSII managed object.
    • Jsii$Proxy

      protected Jsii$Proxy(CfnOrganizationalUnitProps.Builder builder)
      Constructor that initializes the object based on literal property values passed by the CfnOrganizationalUnitProps.Builder.
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public final String getName()
      Description copied from interface: CfnOrganizationalUnitProps
      The friendly name of this OU.

      The regex pattern that is used to validate this parameter is a string of any of the characters in the ASCII character range.

      Specified by:
      getName in interface CfnOrganizationalUnitProps
    • getParentId

      public final String getParentId()
      Description copied from interface: CfnOrganizationalUnitProps
      The unique identifier (ID) of the parent root or OU that you want to create the new OU in.

      To update the ParentId parameter value, you must first remove all accounts attached to the organizational unit (OU). OUs can't be moved within the organization with accounts still attached.

      The regex pattern for a parent ID string requires one of the following:

      • Root - A string that begins with "r-" followed by from 4 to 32 lowercase letters or digits.
      • Organizational unit (OU) - A string that begins with "ou-" followed by from 4 to 32 lowercase letters or digits (the ID of the root that the OU is in). This string is followed by a second "-" dash and from 8 to 32 additional lowercase letters or digits.
      Specified by:
      getParentId in interface CfnOrganizationalUnitProps
    • getTags

      public final List<CfnTag> getTags()
      Description copied from interface: CfnOrganizationalUnitProps
      A list of tags that you want to attach to the newly created OU.

      For each tag in the list, you must specify both a tag key and a value. You can set the value to an empty string, but you can't set it to null . For more information about tagging, see Tagging AWS Organizations resources in the AWS Organizations User Guide.

      If any one of the tags is not valid or if you exceed the allowed number of tags for an OU, then the entire request fails and the OU is not created.

      Specified by:
      getTags in interface CfnOrganizationalUnitProps
    • $jsii$toJson

      @Internal public com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode $jsii$toJson()
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      $jsii$toJson in interface
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      public final boolean equals(Object o)
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      public final int hashCode()
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