Class CfnMonitoringSchedule.ScheduleConfigProperty.Builder

All Implemented Interfaces:<CfnMonitoringSchedule.ScheduleConfigProperty>
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@Stability(Stable) public static final class CfnMonitoringSchedule.ScheduleConfigProperty.Builder extends Object implements<CfnMonitoringSchedule.ScheduleConfigProperty>
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      public Builder()
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    • scheduleExpression

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnMonitoringSchedule.ScheduleConfigProperty.Builder scheduleExpression(String scheduleExpression)
      scheduleExpression - A cron expression that describes details about the monitoring schedule. This parameter is required. Currently the only supported cron expressions are:

      • If you want to set the job to start every hour, please use the following:

      Hourly: cron(0 * ? * * *)

      • If you want to start the job daily:

      cron(0 [00-23] ? * * *)

      For example, the following are valid cron expressions:

      • Daily at noon UTC: cron(0 12 ? * * *)
      • Daily at midnight UTC: cron(0 0 ? * * *)

      To support running every 6, 12 hours, the following are also supported:

      cron(0 [00-23]/[01-24] ? * * *)

      For example, the following are valid cron expressions:

      • Every 12 hours, starting at 5pm UTC: cron(0 17/12 ? * * *)
      • Every two hours starting at midnight: cron(0 0/2 ? * * *)

      • Even though the cron expression is set to start at 5PM UTC, note that there could be a delay of 0-20 minutes from the actual requested time to run the execution.
      • We recommend that if you would like a daily schedule, you do not provide this parameter. Amazon SageMaker will pick a time for running every day.

    • build

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnMonitoringSchedule.ScheduleConfigProperty build()
      Builds the configured instance.
      Specified by:
      build in interface<CfnMonitoringSchedule.ScheduleConfigProperty>
      a new instance of CfnMonitoringSchedule.ScheduleConfigProperty
      NullPointerException - if any required attribute was not provided