Class CfnParameter

All Implemented Interfaces:
IInspectable, ITaggable,, software.constructs.IConstruct, software.constructs.IDependable

@Generated(value="jsii-pacmak/1.101.0 (build b95fe5d)", date="2024-07-12T19:34:10.195Z") @Stability(Stable) public class CfnParameter extends CfnResource implements IInspectable, ITaggable
The AWS::SSM::Parameter resource creates an SSM parameter in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store.

To create an SSM parameter, you must have the AWS Identity and Access Management ( IAM ) permissions ssm:PutParameter and ssm:AddTagsToResource . On stack creation, AWS CloudFormation adds the following three tags to the parameter: aws:cloudformation:stack-name , aws:cloudformation:logical-id , and aws:cloudformation:stack-id , in addition to any custom tags you specify.

To add, update, or remove tags during stack update, you must have IAM permissions for both ssm:AddTagsToResource and ssm:RemoveTagsFromResource . For more information, see Managing Access Using Policies in the AWS Systems Manager User Guide .

For information about valid values for parameters, see About requirements and constraints for parameter names in the AWS Systems Manager User Guide and PutParameter in the AWS Systems Manager API Reference .


 // The code below shows an example of how to instantiate this type.
 // The values are placeholders you should change.
 CfnParameter cfnParameter = CfnParameter.Builder.create(this, "MyCfnParameter")
         // the properties below are optional
                 "tagsKey", "tags"))

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  • Field Details


      @Stability(Stable) public static final String CFN_RESOURCE_TYPE_NAME
      The CloudFormation resource type name for this resource class.
  • Constructor Details

    • CfnParameter

      protected CfnParameter( objRef)
    • CfnParameter

      protected CfnParameter( initializationMode)
    • CfnParameter

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnParameter(@NotNull software.constructs.Construct scope, @NotNull String id, @NotNull CfnParameterProps props)
      scope - Scope in which this resource is defined. This parameter is required.
      id - Construct identifier for this resource (unique in its scope). This parameter is required.
      props - Resource properties. This parameter is required.
  • Method Details

    • inspect

      @Stability(Stable) public void inspect(@NotNull TreeInspector inspector)
      Examines the CloudFormation resource and discloses attributes.

      Specified by:
      inspect in interface IInspectable
      inspector - tree inspector to collect and process attributes. This parameter is required.
    • renderProperties

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull protected Map<String,Object> renderProperties(@NotNull Map<String,Object> props)
      renderProperties in class CfnResource
      props - This parameter is required.
    • getAttrType

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull public String getAttrType()
      Returns the type of the parameter.

      Valid values are String or StringList .

    • getAttrValue

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull public String getAttrValue()
      Returns the value of the parameter.
    • getCfnProperties

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull protected Map<String,Object> getCfnProperties()
      getCfnProperties in class CfnResource
    • getTags

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull public TagManager getTags()
      Tag Manager which manages the tags for this resource.
      Specified by:
      getTags in interface ITaggable
    • getType

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull public String getType()
      The type of parameter.
    • setType

      @Stability(Stable) public void setType(@NotNull String value)
      The type of parameter.
    • getValue

      @Stability(Stable) @NotNull public String getValue()
      The parameter value.
    • setValue

      @Stability(Stable) public void setValue(@NotNull String value)
      The parameter value.
    • getAllowedPattern

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable public String getAllowedPattern()
      A regular expression used to validate the parameter value.
    • setAllowedPattern

      @Stability(Stable) public void setAllowedPattern(@Nullable String value)
      A regular expression used to validate the parameter value.
    • getDataType

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable public String getDataType()
      The data type of the parameter, such as text or aws:ec2:image .
    • setDataType

      @Stability(Stable) public void setDataType(@Nullable String value)
      The data type of the parameter, such as text or aws:ec2:image .
    • getDescription

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable public String getDescription()
      Information about the parameter.
    • setDescription

      @Stability(Stable) public void setDescription(@Nullable String value)
      Information about the parameter.
    • getName

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable public String getName()
      The name of the parameter.
    • setName

      @Stability(Stable) public void setName(@Nullable String value)
      The name of the parameter.
    • getPolicies

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable public String getPolicies()
      Information about the policies assigned to a parameter.
    • setPolicies

      @Stability(Stable) public void setPolicies(@Nullable String value)
      Information about the policies assigned to a parameter.
    • getTagsRaw

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable public Map<String,String> getTagsRaw()
      Optional metadata that you assign to a resource in the form of an arbitrary set of tags (key-value pairs).
    • setTagsRaw

      @Stability(Stable) public void setTagsRaw(@Nullable Map<String,String> value)
      Optional metadata that you assign to a resource in the form of an arbitrary set of tags (key-value pairs).
    • getTier

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable public String getTier()
      The parameter tier.
    • setTier

      @Stability(Stable) public void setTier(@Nullable String value)
      The parameter tier.