Canceling a meeting - Amazon Chime

Canceling a meeting

Meeting hosts can cancel a meeting from the original calendar application in which the meeting was created.

If prompted, send the cancellation to all attendees. Because is included in the invitation, Amazon Chime is notified of the cancellation and won't start the meeting.

Although we recommend that you cancel meetings using your calendar app, there can be times when Amazon Chime, via, doesn't receive the necessary information to delete recurring meetings. Therefore, Amazon Chime might continue to auto-call attendees for meetings that no longer appear on your calendar. To cancel that type of recurring meeting, follow these steps.


Only meeting hosts can use these steps to cancel recurring meetings, and these steps apply only to recurring events.

To cancel a recurring meeting

  1. From the Amazon Chime app, choose Home.

  2. In progress meetings and Upcoming meetings meetings starting in the next 30 minutes appear.

  3. Select a meeting that you host, and choose Delete meeting series.

  4. When prompted, confirm that you want to delete the series.

  5. Amazon Chime ends the meeting for all attendees, if it has already started. The host and invited attendees won’t receive an auto-call for any upcoming or future meetings in the recurring series.