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Understanding Amazon Chime automatic updates

Amazon Chime provides different ways to update its clients. The method varies, depending on whether you run Amazon Chime in a browser, on your desktop, or on a mobile device.

The Amazon Chime web application – https://app.chime.aws – always loads with the latest features and security fixes.

The Amazon Chime desktop client checks for updates whenever you choose Quit or Sign Out. This applies to Windows and macOS machines. As you run the client, it checks for updates every three hours. You can also check for updates by choosing Check for Updates on the Windows Help menu or on the macOS Amazon Chime menu.

When the desktop client detects an update, Amazon Chime prompts you to install it unless you're in an ongoing meeting. You're in an ongoing meeting when:

  • You're attending a meeting.

  • You were invited to a meeting that is still in progress.

Amazon Chime prompts you to install the latest version, and it gives you a 15-second countdown so you can postpone the installation. Choose Try Later to postpone the update.

If you postpone an update, and you aren't in an ongoing meeting, the client checks for the update after three hours and prompts you again to install. The installation begins when the countdown ends.


On a macOS machine, you need to choose Restart Now to begin the update.

On your mobile device – Amazon Chime mobile applications use the update options provided by the App Store and Google Play to deliver the latest version of the Amazon Chime client. If your company manages your mobile device, updates may come through your IT department's mobile device management systems.