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Getting started with Amazon Chime

To use Amazon Chime to communicate and join meetings, download the Amazon Chime app and create an Amazon Chime user account. You can access Amazon Chime Pro features for free for 30 days. To download Amazon Chime, see Download Amazon Chime.


If you accept an invitation from an Amazon Chime administrator to join a team, your administrator assigns you Pro or Basic permissions.

After the 30-day Pro trial ends, you can continue to use Amazon Chime with Basic permissions for free. Users with Basic permissions cannot host meetings, but they can attend meetings and use chat. For more information about Pro and Basic features, see Plans and pricing.

To continue using Amazon Chime with Pro permissions after the 30-day free trial period ends, you or your administrator must create an Amazon Chime administrator account and add you as a user with Pro permissions. For more information, see Getting started in the Amazon Chime Administrator Guide.