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[ aws . datapipeline ]



Lists the times the specified pipeline has run. You can optionally filter the complete list of results to include only the runs you are interested in.

See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters.


--pipeline-id <value>
[--status <value>]
[--start-interval <value>]
[--schedule-interval <value>]


--pipeline-id (string) The identifier of the pipeline.

--status (string) Filters the list to include only runs in the specified statuses. The valid statuses are as follows: waiting, pending, cancelled, running, finished, failed, waiting_for_runner, and waiting_on_dependencies.

--start-interval (string) Filters the list to include only runs that started within the specified interval.

--schedule-interval (string) Filters the list to include only runs that are scheduled to start within the specified interval.

See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters.


Example 1: To list your pipeline runs

The following list-runs example lists the runs for the specified pipeline.

aws datapipeline list-runs --pipeline-id df-00627471SOVYZEXAMPLE


    Name                       Scheduled Start        Status                     ID                                              Started                Ended
1.  EC2ResourceObj             2015-04-12T17:33:02    CREATING                   @EC2ResourceObj_2015-04-12T17:33:02             2015-04-12T17:33:10
2.  S3InputLocation            2015-04-12T17:33:02    FINISHED                   @S3InputLocation_2015-04-12T17:33:02            2015-04-12T17:33:09    2015-04-12T17:33:09
3.  S3OutputLocation           2015-04-12T17:33:02    WAITING_ON_DEPENDENCIES    @S3OutputLocation_2015-04-12T17:33:02           2015-04-12T17:33:09
4.  ShellCommandActivityObj    2015-04-12T17:33:02    WAITING_FOR_RUNNER         @ShellCommandActivityObj_2015-04-12T17:33:02    2015-04-12T17:33:09

Example 2: To list the pipeline runs between the specified dates

The following list-runs example uses the --start-interval to specify the dates to include in the output.

aws datapipeline list-runs --pipeline-id df-01434553B58A2SHZUKO5 --start-interval 2017-10-07T00:00:00,2017-10-08T00:00:00