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Installing the AWS CLI version 2

Preview Evaluation Software

AWS CLI version 2 is provided as a preview for testing and evaluation. At this time we recommend that you do not use this in a production environment. For production environments, we recommend that you instead use the generally available version 1.x.

Please provide feedback for this developer preview version at AWS CLI version 2 GitHub Repo. Be sure to attach the "V2" label to your issue.

This topic provides links to information about how to install version 2 of the AWS Command Line Interface on the supported operating systems. For information about how to install AWS CLI version 1, see Installing the AWS CLI version 1.


For AWS CLI version 2, it doesn't matter if you have Python installed and if you do, it doesn't matter which version. AWS CLI version 2 uses only the version of Python (and all other dependencies) that are included and installed into a local virtual environment that is isolated.