AWS CodeDeploy
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-06)

The procedures in this guide support the new console design. If you choose to use the older version of the console, you will find many of the concepts and basic procedures in this guide still apply. To access help in the new console, choose the information icon.

AWS CodeDeploy Resources

The following related resources can help you as you work with AWS CodeDeploy.

Reference Guides and Support Resources

  • AWS CodeDeploy API Reference — Descriptions, syntax, and usage examples about AWS CodeDeploy actions and data types, including common parameters and error codes.

  • AWS CodeDeploy Technical FAQs — Top questions from customers about AWS CodeDeploy.

  • AWS CodeDeploy Release Notes — A high-level overview of the current and past releases, specifically notes about new features, corrections, and known issues.

  • AWS Support Center — The hub for creating and managing your AWS Support cases. Also includes links to other resources, such as forums, technical FAQs, service health status, and AWS Trusted Advisor.

  • AWS Support Plans — The primary web page for information about AWS Support plans.

  • Contact Us — A central contact point for inquiries concerning AWS billing, account, events, abuse, and other issues.

  • AWS Site Terms — Detailed information about our copyright and trademark; your account, license, and site access; and other topics.



  • AWS DevOps Blog — Insights for developers, system administrators, and architects.

AWS Software Development Kits and Tools

The following AWS SDKs and tools support solution development with AWS CodeDeploy: