Add Team Members to an AWS CodeStar Project - AWS CodeStar

On July 31, 2024, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will discontinue support for creating and viewing AWS CodeStar projects. After July 31, 2024, you will no longer be able to access the AWS CodeStar console or create new projects. However, the AWS resources created by AWS CodeStar, including your source repositories, pipelines, and builds, will be unaffected by this change and will continue to function. AWS CodeStar Connections and AWS CodeStar Notifications will not be impacted by this discontinuation.


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Add Team Members to an AWS CodeStar Project

If you have the owner role in an AWS CodeStar project or have the AWSCodeStarFullAccess policy applied to your IAM user, you can add other IAM users to the project team. This is a simple process that applies an AWS CodeStar role (owner, contributor, or viewer) to the user. These roles are per-project and customized. For example, a contributor team member in project A might have permissions to resources that are different from those of a contributor team member in project B. A team member can have only one role in a project. After you've added a team member, he or she can interact immediately with your project at the level defined by the role.

Benefits of AWS CodeStar roles and team membership include:

  • You do not have to manually configure permissions in IAM for your team members.

  • You can easily change a team member's level of access to a project.

  • Users can access projects in the AWS CodeStar console only if they are team members.

  • User access to a project is defined by role.

For more information about teams and AWS CodeStar roles, see Working with AWS CodeStar Teams and Working with Your AWS CodeStar User Profile .

To add a team member to a project, you must either have the AWS CodeStar owner role for the project or the AWSCodeStarFullAccess policy.


Adding a team member does not affect that member's access to resources that are outside of AWS (for example, a GitHub repository or issues in Atlassian JIRA). Those access permissions are controlled by the resource provider, not AWS CodeStar. For more information, see the resource provider's documentation.

Anyone who has access to an AWS CodeStar project can use the AWS CodeStar console to access resources that are outside of AWS but related to that project.

Adding a team member to a project does not automatically allow that member to participate in any related AWS Cloud9 development environments for the project. To allow a team member to participate in a shared environment, see Share an AWS Cloud9 Environment with a Project Team Member.

Granting federated user access to a project involves manually attaching the AWS CodeStar owner, contributor, or viewer managed policy to the role assumed by the federated user. For more information, see Federated User Access to AWS CodeStar.

Add a Team Member (Console)

You can use the AWS CodeStar console to add a team member to your project. If an IAM user already exists for the person you want to add, you can add the IAM user. Otherwise, you can create an IAM user for that person when you add them to your project.

To add a team member to an AWS CodeStar project (console)
  1. Open the AWS CodeStar console at

  2. Choose Projects from the navigation pane and choose your project.

  3. In the side navigation pane for the project, choose Team.

  4. On the Team members page, choose Add team member.

  5. In Choose user, do one of the following:

    • If an IAM user already exists for the person you want to add, choose the IAM user from the list.


      Users who have already been added to another AWS CodeStar project appear in the Existing AWS CodeStar users list.

      In Project role, choose the AWS CodeStar role (Owner, Contributor, or Viewer) for this user. This is an AWS CodeStar project-level role that can only be changed by an owner of the project. When applied to an IAM user, the role provides all permissions required to access AWS CodeStar project resources. It applies policies required for creating and managing Git credentials for code stored in CodeCommit in IAM or uploading Amazon EC2 SSH keys for the user in IAM.


      You cannot provide or change the display name or email information for an IAM user unless you are signed in to the console as that user. For more information, see Manage Display Information for Your AWS CodeStar User Profile .

      Choose Add team member.

    • If an IAM user does not exist for the person you want to add to the project, choose Create new IAM user. You will be redirected to the IAM console where you can create a new IAM user, see Creating IAM users in the IAM user guide for more information. After you create your IAM user, return to the AWS CodeStar console, refresh the list of users, and choose the IAM user you created from the dropdown list. Enter the AWS CodeStardisplay name, email address, and project role you want to apply to this new user, and then choose Add team member.


    For ease of management, at least one user should be assigned the Owner role for the project.

  6. Send the new team member the following information:

    • Connection information for your AWS CodeStar project.

    • If the source code is stored in CodeCommit, instructions for setting up access with Git credentials to the CodeCommit repository from their local computers.

    • Information about how the user can manage their display name, email address, and public Amazon EC2 SSH key, as described in Working with Your AWS CodeStar User Profile .

    • One-time password and connection information, if the user is new to AWS and you created an IAM user for that person. The password expires the first time the user signs in. The user must choose a new password.

Add and View Team Members (AWS CLI)

You can use the AWS CLI to add team members to your project team. You can also view information about all of the team members in your project.

To add a team member
  1. Open a terminal or command window.

  2. Run the associate-team-member command with the --project-id, -user-arn, and --project-role parameters. You can also specify whether the user has remote access to project instances by including the --remote-access-allowed or --no-remote-access-allowed parameters. For example:

    aws codestar associate-team-member --project-id my-first-projec --user-arn arn:aws:iam:111111111111:user/Jane_Doe --project-role Contributor --remote-access-allowed

    This command returns no output.

To view all team members (AWS CLI)
  1. Open a terminal or command window.

  2. Run the list-team-members command with the --project-id parameter. For example:

    aws codestar list-team-members --project-id my-first-projec

    This command returns output similar to the following:

    { "teamMembers":[ {"projectRole":"Owner","remoteAccessAllowed":true,"userArn":"arn:aws:iam::111111111111:user/Mary_Major"}, {"projectRole":"Contributor","remoteAccessAllowed":true,"userArn":"arn:aws:iam::111111111111:user/Jane_Doe"}, {"projectRole":"Contributor","remoteAccessAllowed":true,"userArn":"arn:aws:iam::111111111111:user/John_Doe"}, {"projectRole":"Viewer","remoteAccessAllowed":false,"userArn":"arn:aws:iam::111111111111:user/John_Stiles"} ] }