Regional Data Considerations - Amazon Cognito

Regional Data Considerations

Amazon Cognito user pools are each created in one AWS Region, and they store the user profile data only in that region. User pools can send user data to a different AWS Region, depending on how optional features are configured.

  • If the default email address setting is used for routing verification of emails addresses with Amazon Cognito user pools, emails are routed through the US West (Oregon) Region.

  • If a different email address is used to configure Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) with Amazon Cognito user pools, that email address is routed through the AWS Region associated with the email address in Amazon SES.

  • SMS messages from Amazon Cognito user pools are routed through the same region Amazon SNS unless noted otherwise on Configuring Email or Phone Verification.

  • If Amazon Pinpoint analytics are used with Amazon Cognito user pools, the event data is routed to the US East (N. Virginia) Region.


Amazon Pinpoint is available in several AWS Regions in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Amazon Pinpoint regions include the Amazon Pinpoint API. If a Amazon Pinpoint region is supported by Amazon Cognito, then Amazon Cognito will send events to Amazon Pinpoint projects within the same Amazon Pinpoint region. If a region isn't supported by Amazon Pinpoint, then Amazon Cognito will only support sending events in us-east-1. For Amazon Pinpoint detailed region information, see Amazon Pinpoint endpoints and quotas and Using Amazon Pinpoint Analytics with Amazon Cognito User Pools.