Amazon Cognito
Developer Guide

Setting Up your iOS App to Work with User Pools

Amazon Cognito User Pools allow your applications to register and authenticate users. You can change passwords for authenticated users and initiate forgotten password flows for unauthenticated users. The following section provides setup information and examples so you can use the Amazon Cognito Identity Provider to retrieve and update user pool profiles.

To get started see Set Up the Mobile SDK for iOS and Mobile SDK for iOS documentation.

If you are a React Native developer then add user pools to your React Native applications with the AWS Amplify Library for React Native which includes the Amazon Cognito Identity Provider. For more information see Set Up the AWS Amplify Library for React Native. See also AWS Amplify Library Authentication Guide.

  • If you are using CocoaPods, add pod AWSCognitoIdentityProvider to your PodSpec and add #import AWSCognitoIdentityProvider.h to the classes you will use it in.

  • If you are using Frameworks, add AWSCognitoIdentityProvider.framework and add #import <AWSCognitoIdentityProvider/AWSCognitoIdentityProvider.h> to the classes you will use it in.