Amazon Comprehend
Developer Guide

Locate Key Phrases

You can use Amazon Comprehend operations to find key phrases in your document.

A key phrase is a string containing a noun phrase that describes a particular thing. It generally consists of a noun and the modifiers that distinguish it. For example, "day" is a noun; "a beautiful day" is a noun phrase that includes an article ("a") and an adjective ("beautiful"). Each key phrase includes a score that indicates the level of confidence that Amazon Comprehend has that the string is a noun phrase. You can use the score to determine if the detection has high enough confidence for your application.

You can use any of the following operations to detect key phrases in a document or set of documents.

The operations return a list of KeyPhrase objects, one for each key phrase in the document. The BatchDetectKeyPhrases operation returns a list of KeyPhrase objects, one for each document in the batch. The StartKeyPhrasesDetectionJob operation starts an asynchronous job that produces a file containing a list of KeyPhrase objects for each document in the job.

The following example is the response from the DetectKeyPhrases operation.

{ "LanguageCode": "en", "KeyPhrases": [ { "Text": "today", "Score": 0.89, "BeginOffset": 14, "EndOffset": 19 }, { "Text": "Seattle", "Score": 0.91, "BeginOffset": 23, "EndOffset": 30 } ] }