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Train custom classifiers (API)

To create and train a custom classifier, use the CreateDocumentClassifier operation.

You can monitor the progress of the request using the DescribeDocumentClassifier operation. After the Status field transitions to TRAINED, you can use the classifier to classify documents. If the status is TRAINED_WITH_WARNINGS, review the skipped files folder in the Classifier training output from the CreateDocumentClassifier operation.

Training custom classification using the AWS Command Line Interface

The following examples show how to use the CreateDocumentClassifier operation, the DescribeDocumentClassificationJob operation, and other custom classifier APIs with the AWS CLI.

The examples are formatted for Unix, Linux, and macOS. For Windows, replace the backslash (\) Unix continuation character at the end of each line with a caret (^).

Create a plain-text custom classifier using the create-document-classifier operation.

aws comprehend create-document-classifier \ --region region \ --document-classifier-name testDelete \ --language-code en \ --input-data-config S3Uri=s3://S3Bucket/docclass/file name \ --data-access-role-arn arn:aws:iam::account number:role/testFlywheelDataAccess

To create a native custom classifier, provide the following additional parameters in the create-document-classifier request.

  1. DocumentType: set the value to SEMI_STRUCTURED_DOCUMENT.

  2. Documents: the S3 location for the training documents (and, optionally, the test documents).

  3. OutputDataConfig: provide the S3 location for the output documents (and an optional KMS key).

  4. DocumentReaderConfig: Optional field for text extraction settings.

aws comprehend create-document-classifier \ --region region \ --document-classifier-name testDelete \ --language-code en \ --input-data-config S3Uri=s3://S3Bucket/docclass/file name \ DocumentType \ Documents \ --output-data-config S3Uri=s3://S3Bucket/docclass/file name \ --data-access-role-arn arn:aws:iam::account number:role/testFlywheelDataAccess

Get information on a custom classifier with the document classifier ARN using the DescribeDocumentClassifier operation.

aws comprehend describe-document-classifier \ --region region \ --document-classifier-arn arn:aws:comprehend:region:account number:document-classifier/file name

Delete a custom classifier using the DeleteDocumentClassifier operation.

aws comprehend delete-document-classifier \ --region region \ --document-classifier-arn arn:aws:comprehend:region:account number:document-classifier/testDelete

List all custom classifiers in the account using the ListDocumentClassifiers operation.

aws comprehend list-document-classifiers --region region

Using the AWS SDK for Java or SDK for Python

For SDK examples of how to create and train a custom classifier , see Use CreateDocumentClassifier with an AWS SDK or CLI.