Activating recommendation preferences - AWS Compute Optimizer

Activating recommendation preferences

Recommendation preferences are features that you can activate to enhance or augment the recommendations that Compute Optimizer generates for your resources. Following are the features that are currently available as recommendation preferences in Compute Optimizer.

  • Enhanced infrastructure metrics - Extends the utilization metrics analysis look-back period up to three months (93 days) for Amazon EC2 instances, including instances that are part of Auto Scaling groups. Enhanced infrastructure metrics is a paid feature. For more information, see Enhanced infrastructure metrics.

  • Inferred workload type - Infers the applications that might be running on your AWS resources, such as EC2 instances and Auto Scaling groups. This helps with identifying the effort to migrate your workloads from x86-based instance types to Arm-based AWS Graviton instance types. For more information, see Inferred workload type.

  • AWS Graviton-based instance recommendations - Gives you the price and performance impact of running your workload on AWS Graviton-based instances. For more information, see AWS Graviton-based instance recommendations.