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Viewing Compliance Data in the Conformance Packs Dashboard

The main page for Conformance Packs displays all of the conformance packs that you currently have in your AWS account. The page also contains the name, deployment status, and compliance score of each conformance pack. A compliance score is the percentage of the number of compliant rule-resource combinations in a conformance pack compared to the number of total possible rule-resource combinations in the conformance pack.

You can use this dashboard to understand the level of compliance of your conformance packs and use the compliance score to track remediation progress, perform comparisons across different sets of requirements, and see the impact a specific change or deployment has on a conformance pack.

Navigating the Conformance Packs Main Page

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Config console at

  2. Navigate to the Conformance packs page. Review your conformance packs and their compliance score. You can also do the following:

    • To add and configure a new conformance pack, choose Deploy conformance pack.

    • To delete a conformance pack and its data, change the configuration settings, or view additional details, such as the delivery location or parameters, choose a conformance pack and choose Actions.


      You cannot edit a deployed conformance pack. You can modify the other selections at any time by choosing the name of the conformance pack and Edit in the Actions dropdown.

    • To view the history of compliance state changes, choose a conformance pack and choose Conformance pack timeline. For more information, see Viewing the Compliance History Timeline for Conformance Packs.

    • To view the deployment status, compliance score, compliance score timeline, and rules for a conformance pack in a detailed view, choose a conformance pack and choose View.

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