Viewing the Compliance History Timeline for Conformance Packs - AWS Config

Viewing the Compliance History Timeline for Conformance Packs

AWS Config supports storing compliance state changes to your conformance packs. This allows you to view the history of compliance state changes. These compliance state changes are presented as a timeline. The timeline captures changes as ConfigurationItems over a period of time. You can also use this feature to find specific rules within a conformance pack that are noncompliant.

You can opt in or out to record all resource types in AWS Config. If you have opted to record all resource types, AWS Config automatically begins recording the conformance pack compliance history as evaluated by AWS Config Rules. By default, AWS Config records the configuration changes for all supported resources. You can also select only the specific conformance pack compliance history resource type: AWS::Config::ConformancePackCompliance. Recording for the AWS::Config::ConformancePackCompliance resource type is available at no additional charge. For more information, see Recording AWS Resources.

A conformance pack is compliant if all of the rules in a conformance packs are compliant. It is noncompliant if any of the rules are not compliant. The compliance status of a conformance pack is INSUFFICIENT_DATA only if all rules within a conformance pack cannot be evaluated due to insufficient data. If some of the rules in a conformance pack are compliant but the compliance status of other rules in that same conformance pack is INSUFFICIENT_DATA, the conformance pack shows compliant. Compliance for a conformance pack is not evaluated all at one time. Some rules may take a longer time to evaluate than others. Compliance is evaluated for groups of rules at a time, continuing in stages until all the rules in a conformance pack have been evaluated.

Viewing the Compliance Timeline

Access the compliance timeline by selecting a specific conformance pack from the Conformance pack main page.

  1. Navigate to the Conformance Pack page.

  2. On the Conformance Pack main page, choose a specific conformance pack and then choose Conformance pack timeline .


    Alternatively, you can use the compliance timeline from the conformance pack's details page. Choose a conformance pack and choose View details in the Actions dropdown. From this page, choose Conformance pack timeline.

The timeline shows you the history of compliance state changes for a conformance pack. You can do the following:

  1. Expand a compliance change to view the line-by-line compliance status of each rule within a conformance pack.

  2. From the expanded view, choose a specific rule to view its details page.