Use Customer Profiles in the agent workspace - Amazon Connect

Use Customer Profiles in the agent workspace

To help agents deliver more efficient and personalized customer service, Amazon Connect enables you to combine information from external applications, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, or other Customer relationship management (CRM) products, with contact history from Amazon Connect. This creates a customer profile that has all the information agents need during customer interactions in a single place.

With a single view of customer information including their product, case, and contact history, agents can quickly confirm the customer's identity and determine the reason for the call or chat.

Currently, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles can be used in compliance with GDPR and is pending additional certifications held by Amazon Connect.

The following image shows the agent workspace; for the purposes of this documentation, an Amazon Connect Customer Profiles image is featured. The agent workspace is designed for efficient multi-tasking, enabling simultaneous handling of calls, chats, and tasks, while providing quick access to customer profile information all within the same browser window.

The Customer profile tab in the agent workspace.
  1. Cases: Status, reference Id, title, source, updated date, and more information related to cases ingested from 3P application such as Zendesk and ServiceNow, in addition to cases created and managed using Amazon Connect Cases.

  2. More information: Additional information contained in the customer defined Attributes field of the profile, as well as further profile information such as cell phone number and shipping address. This information will be sorted alphabetically to help an agent quickly locate the information they need.

  3. Contact history: Date, times, and duration when this customer contacted your contact center in the past.

  4. Product purchase history: All the assets purchased by a customer can be populated here. The data is ingested from an external app such as Salesforce or Zendesk that you've integrated with Customer Profiles.