Enable Apple Business Chat - Amazon Connect

Enable Apple Business Chat

Your customers can engage directly with your contact center from within their Messages application on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

When you enable Apple Business Chat, your customers can find answers to their questions and request help from agents to resolve issues — all while using the familiar Messages application they use every day to chat with friends and family. Any time customers use Search, Safari, Spotlight, Siri, or Maps to call your registered phone number, they will be provided with the option to chat with your contact center.

Apple Business Chat integration with Amazon Connect enables you to use the same configuration, analytics, routing, and agent UI that you already use for Amazon Connect Chat.

Step 1: Register with Apple

Integrate Apple Business Chat with Amazon Connect by first registering with Apple as a brand. When you do, you'll get a unique Apple Business Chat Account ID, and you can then link your Apple Business Chat account to Amazon Connect.

  1. Go to the Apple Business Chat page and choose Get Started as a brand.

  2. Create an Apple ID for your business, if you don't already have one.

    An Apple ID is typically for the personal use of Apple services, such as storing personal content in iCloud and downloading apps from the App Store. If you have a personal Apple ID, we recommend that you create a separate one using your organization’s email address to administer Business Chat. A separate administrative Apple ID lets you distinguish Business Chat communications from personal Apple communications.

  3. Register a profile for a new Business Chat account by accepting Apple’s Terms of Service. We recommend creating a Commercial Business Chat Account. You then provide business details, such as a logo and support hours.

  4. Select Amazon Connect as your Messaging Service Provider. You can do this by selecting Amazon Connect from the drop-down or by entering the following URL:

    • https://messagingintegrations.connect.amazonaws.com/applebusinesschat

After you submit your application to Apple, you’ll see the status of your application at the top of your Business Chat Account page.

For more information about registering with Apple, see the following articles on Apple's website: Getting Started with Business Chat and Business Chat Policies and Best Practices.

Step 2: Gather required information

Gather the following information so you have it on hand when you open a support ticket in Step 3:

  1. Apple Business Chat Account ID: After you’ve been approved by Apple for Business Chat, you will be issued an Apple Business Chat Account ID. For information about locating your Apple Business Chat Account ID, see Find your Apple Business Chat Account ID.


    Your Apple Business Chat Account ID is a randomized string of numbers and letters. It is not the same as your Apple ID.

  2. Apple Token: This is a unique ID that authenticates your account. For help locating your Apple token, see Find your Apple token.

  3. Amazon Connect instance ARN: This is the identifier for the instance you want to link to your Apple business account. For information about locating your instance ID, see Find your Amazon Connect instance ID/ARN.


    Make sure you have service-linked roles enabled for the integration.

    If your instance was created before October 2018, add the connect:* policy on the role that is associated with your Amazon Connect instance. For more information about service-linked roles, see Use service-linked roles for Amazon Connect.

  4. Amazon Connect contact flow ID: This is the identifier for the contact flow you want to use for inbound chats. For information about locating your contact flow ID, see Find the contact flow ID.

In this step you create an Amazon Connect support ticket to link your Apple Business Chat ID to Amazon Connect.

  1. Create a special AWS Support ticket to link your Apple Business Chat to Amazon Connect.

    If prompted, login using your AWS account.


    Looking for technical support? Open an AWS Support ticket here.

  2. In the Use case description box, copy and paste the following template:

    Subject: Apple Business Chat Integration request Body: Apple Business Chat Account ID (required): enter your account ID Apple Token (required): enter your Apple token Amazon Connect Instance ARN (required): enter your instance ARN Amazon Connect Contact Flow ID (required): enter your contact flow ID

    The following image shows an example of a completed ticket:

  3. Expand Contact options, and then choose your Preferred contact language, and then choose Web as the contact method, if it's not selected by default.

  4. Choose Submit.

  5. AWS Support will work directly with the Amazon Connect team on your request and follow up with any additional questions.

Next steps

After Apple Business Chat is enabled for your Amazon Connect instance, you can add Apple Business Chat features to your messages. For example:

  • Deflect calls with Apple's Chat Suggest.

  • Embed Apple Business Chat buttons on your website.

  • Add list pickers and time pickers to your messages.

  • Use rich links for URLs.

  • Route Apple Business Chat messages using contact attributes.