Create a real-time metrics report - Amazon Connect

Create a real-time metrics report

You can create a real-time metrics report to view real-time or near-real time metrics data for activity in your contact center. You must have permission to access metric data. The CallCenterManager and QualityAnalyst security profiles include this permission. For more information, see Security profiles.

To create a real-time metrics report
  1. Log in to the Amazon Connect admin website at https://instance

  2. Choose Analytics and optimization, Real-time metrics.

  3. Choose one of the following report types. They group and order the data in different ways and include different metrics by default.

    • Queues

    • Agents

    • Routing profiles

  4. To add another report to the page, choose New table and then choose a report type. You can add multiple reports of the same report type.

    There's no limit to the number of tables you can add, but you might start experiencing performance issues if you add a lot of them.

  5. To customize a report, choose the gear icon from its table.

  6. On the Time Range tab, do the following:

    1. For Trailing windows for time, select the time range, in hours, for the data to include in the report.

    2. (Optional) If you select Midnight to now, the time range is from midnight to the current time, based on the Time Zone that you select. If you select a time zone other than the one you are currently in, the time range starts at midnight for the calendar day in that time zone, not your current time zone.

  7. (Optional) On the Filters tab, specify filters to scope the data to be included in the report. The available filters depend on the report type. The following are the possible filters:

    • Agents—Includes data only for the agents that you select from Include.

    • Agent Hierarchies—Includes data only for the agent hierarchies that you select from Include.

    • Queues—Includes data only for the queues that you select from Include.

    • Routing profiles—Includes data only for the routing profiles that you select from Include.

  8. On the Metrics tab, choose the metrics and fields to include in the report. The available metrics and fields depend on the report type and filters that you select. For more information, see Real-time metrics definitions.

  9. When you are finished customizing the report, choose Apply.

  10. (Optional) To save your report for future reference, choose Save, provide a name for the report, and then choose Save.

    To view your saved real-time metrics reports, choose Analytics and optimization, Dashboards and reports, and then choose the Real-time metrics tab.