Default agent hold: "You are on hold" - Amazon Connect

Default agent hold: "You are on hold"

The Default agent hold flow is the experience the agent receives when placed on hold. During this flow, a Loop prompt block plays the message "You are on hold" to the agent every 10 seconds.

You can set break time to a maximum of 10 seconds. This means the maximum amount time you can specify between You are on hold messages is 10 seconds. To make the time between longer, add multiple prompts to the loop. For example, if you want 20 seconds between You are on hold messages:

  • The first prompt may say You are on hold with break time="10s"

  • Add another prompt with a blank message and break time="10s".

For instructions about how to override and change a default contact flow, see Change a default flow.


Wondering if a default flow has been changed? Use flow version control to view the original version of the flow.