Flow block: Distribute by percentage - Amazon Connect

Flow block: Distribute by percentage


  • This block is useful for doing A/B testing. It routes customers randomly based on a percentage.

  • Contacts are distributed randomly, so exact percentage splits may or may not occur.

Supported channels

The following table lists how this block routes a contact who is using the specified channel.

Channel Supported?







Flow types

You can use this block in the following contact flow types:

  • Inbound flow

  • Customer queue flow

  • Outbound Whisper flow

  • Transfer to Agent flow

  • Transfer to Queue flow


How it works

This block creates static allocation rules based on how you configure it. Internal logic generates a random number between 1-100. This number identifies which branch to take. It doesn't use current or historical volume as part of it's logic.

For example, say a block is configure like this:

  • 20% = A

  • 40% = B

  • 40% remaining = Default

When contact a is being routed through a flow, Amazon Connect generates the random number.

  • If number is between 0-20, the contact is routed down the A branch.

  • Between 21-60 it's routed down the B branch.

  • Greater than 60 it's routed down the Default branch.

Configured block

When this block is configured, it looks similar to the following image:

Sample flows

See these sample flows for scenarios that use this block: