Sample AB test - Amazon Connect

Sample AB test

Type: Contact flow (inbound)

This contact flow shows how to perform an A/B call distribution based on a percentage. Here's how it works:

  1. The Play prompt block uses Amazon Polly, the text-to-speech service, to say “Amazon Connect will now simulate rolling dice by using the Distribute randomly block. Now rolling.”

  2. The contact reaches the Distribute by percentage block, which routes the customer randomly based on a percentage.

    Distribute by percentage simulates a dice roll, resulting in a values between 2 to 12 with different percentages. For example, there is 3 percent chance for the “2” option, 6 percent chance for the “3” option, and so on.

  3. After the contact gets routed, the Play prompt tells the customer which number the dice rolled.

  4. At the end of the sample, the Transfer to flow block transfers the customer back to the Sample inbound flow.