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How to get a Connect phone number in your current country

To place or receive calls in your Amazon Connect instance, you need to claim a DID or toll-free phone number. If you did not claim a phone number when you created your Amazon Connect instance, follow these steps to claim one now.

Claim a number for your contact center

  1. Log in to Amazon Connect admin website with an Admin account, or an account assigned to a security profile that has Phone numbers - Claim permissions.

  2. On the navigation menu, choose Channels, Phone numbers.

  3. Choose Claim a number. You can choose a toll-free number or a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number. If you're in the US, you can specify the area code you want for your number, and only available numbers with that area code will be displayed. When numbers are returned, choose one.

    The Claim phone number page, DID (Direct Inward Dialing) tab.

    Create a case by choosing the Account and billing option for these situations:

    • If you select a country or region, but no numbers display, you can request additional numbers for the country or region.

    • If you want to request a specific area code or prefix that you don't see listed, we'll try to accommodate your request.

    The following image shows the Account and billing option on the Create a case page of the Support Center console.

    The Account and billing option on the Create a case page.
  4. Enter a description for the number and, if required, attach it to a contact flow in Flow / IVR.

  5. Choose Save.

  6. Repeat this process until you have claimed all your required phone numbers.

  7. After you claim your numbers, associate them with your flow(s). A flow defines the customer experience with your contact center from start to finish.

How many phone numbers you can claim

There is a service quota for how many phone numbers you can have in each instance. For the default service quota, see Amazon Connect service quotas. If you reach your quota, but want a different phone number, you can release one of your previously claimed numbers. You cannot claim the same phone number after releasing it.

If you need more phone numbers, you can request a service quota increase using the Amazon Connect service quota increase form.

Avoid being blocked from claiming or releasing too many numbers

If you plan to claim and release numbers frequently, contact us for a service quota exception. Otherwise, it's possible you will be blocked from claiming and releasing any more numbers until up to 180 days past the oldest number released has expired.

By default you can claim and release up to 200% of your maximum number of active phone numbers. If you claim and release phone numbers using the UI or API during a rolling 180 day cycle that exceeds 200% of your phone number service level quota, you will be blocked from claiming any more numbers until 180 days past the oldest number released has expired.

For example, if you already have 99 claimed numbers and a service level quota of 99 phone numbers, and in any 180 day period you release 99, claim 99, and then release 99, you will have exceeded the 200% limit. At that point you are blocked from claiming any more numbers until you open an AWS support ticket.

API instructions for claiming phone numbers

To claim a phone number programmatically:

  1. Use the SearchAvailablePhoneNumbers API to search for available phone numbers that you can claim to your Amazon Connect instance.

  2. Use ClaimPhoneNumber API to claim the phone number.

    Claiming a number by using the ClaimPhoneNumber API puts the number in one of the following three states: CLAIMED, IN_PROGRESS, FAILED.

  3. Run the DescribePhoneNumber API to determine the status of your number claiming process.

    • CLAIMED means the previous ClaimPhoneNumber or UpdatePhoneNumber operation succeeded.

    • IN_PROGRESS means a ClaimPhoneNumber or UpdatePhoneNumber operation is still in progress and has not yet completed. You can call DescribePhoneNumber at a later time to verify if the previous operation has completed.

    • FAILED indicates that the previous ClaimPhoneNumber or UpdatePhoneNumber operation has failed. It will include a message indicating the failure reason. A common reason for a failure may be that the TargetArn value you are claiming or updating a phone number to has reached its limit of total claimed numbers. If you received a FAILED status from a ClaimPhoneNumber API call, you have one day to retry claiming the phone number before the number is released back to the inventory for other customers to claim.


You will not be billed for the phone number during the 1-day period if number claiming fails.

"You've reached the limit of Phone Numbers. To increase the limit, contact support."

Even if it's the first time you've claimed a phone number, it's possible to get this error message when you attempt to claim a number. All the issues that cause this error message require help from AWS Support to resolve.

Contact AWS Support and they will provide assistance.

If you have a Basic plan, perform the following steps to contact AWS Support for this issue:

  1. In the AWS console, choose AWS Support Center.

  2. Choose Create case.

  3. Choose Looking for service limit increases?, as shown in the following image.

  4. On the Create case page, choose Service limit increase. In the Limit type dropdown box, choose Amazon Connect.

  5. Complete the rest of the form, describing the issue and how to contact you. Choose Submit.

  6. We'll contact you to help with your request.