Contact Block: Get Queue Metrics - Amazon Connect

Contact Block: Get Queue Metrics

In contact flow types

You can use this block in the following contact flow types:

  • All flows



The following property is available:

  • Set queue: This is an optional parameter that lets you set the queue. Otherwise, it uses the queue that's specified in the Set working queue block.

Configuration tips

Here's how to use the Get queue metrics block with the Check contact attributes block:

  1. After Get queue metrics, add a Check contact attributes block.

  2. In the Check contact attributes block, set Attribute to check to Queue metrics.

  3. In the Attributes dropdown box, you'll see that the following queue metrics are returned by the Get queue metrics block. Choose the metric that you want to use for the routing decision.

Configured block

When this block is configured, it looks similar to the following image:


See these topics for scenarios that use this block: