Barge live conversations - Amazon Connect

Barge live conversations

Supervisors and managers can barge into live conversations between agents and customers. To set this up, you need to turn on the Enhanced monitoring capability in the Amazon Connect console, provide managers with the appropriate permissions, and show them how to barge into conversations.

Looking for how many people can barge the same conversation at one time? See Amazon Connect feature specifications.

There is no limit to the number of conversations that you can barge in an instance.

The barge feature is included in Amazon Connect voice service fees. For pricing, see the Amazon Connect Pricing page.

Set up barge for voice

Turn on the Enhanced Monitoring capability in Amazon Connect console. Do this to enable access to multi-party calling, detailed contact records, silent monitoring, and barge capabilities.

  • If you already have multi-party calling turned on, you will need to enable enhanced monitoring by using the UpdateInstanceAttribute API with the ENHANCED_CONTACT_MONITORING attribute for the first time or turn the feature OFF and then back ON to get your settings updated. For more information on the UpdateInstanceAttribute API, see UpdateInstanceAttribute.

  • Any new instances will automatically have this feature enabled.

  • Before enabling Enhanced monitoring capabilities, ensure that you are using the latest version of the Contact Control Panel (CCP) or Agent workspace. If you are using StreamsJS to customize or embed the CCP, upgrade to version 2.4.2 or later.

  • For instances that do not have a Service-linked role, creating one will be mandatory to turn on the feature. For more information on how to enable service-linked roles, see Use service-linked roles for Amazon Connect.

Set up barge for voice

For managers to barge live conversations, you assign them the CallCenterManager and Agent security profiles. To allow specific users to barge live conversations, you should create a security profile specific for this purpose.

To assign a manager permissions to barge a live conversation

  1. Go to Users, User management, choose the manager, and then choose Edit.

  2. In the Security Profiles box, assign the manager to the CallCenterManager security profile.

  3. Assign the manager to the Agent security profile so they can access the Contact Control Panel (CCP), and use it to barge into the conversation.

  4. Choose Save.

To create a new security profile for monitoring live conversations

  1. Choose Users, Security profiles.

  2. Choose Add new security profile.

  3. Expand Analytics and choose Real-time contact barge-in.

    • For a manager to use the barge feature, both Real-time contact monitoring and Real time contact barge need to enabled.

    • Access metrics is needed so you can access real-time metrics reports, which is where you choose which conversation you would like to monitor.

  4. Choose Save.

Barge live calls with contacts

  1. Check that the Enhanced monitoring capability is enabled in Amazon Connect console.

  2. Log in to your Amazon Connect instance with a user account that is assigned the CallCenterManager security profile or a user that has been given Real time contact monitor and barge permissions.

  3. To choose the agent conversation you want to barge, in Amazon Connect choose Analytics, Real-time metrics, Agents.

  4. You can barge into a conversation that you first had been monitoring. Choose the eye icon that appears next to the Voice channel of the agent that you wish to monitor.

  5. This opens up the CCP window, there the option exists to enable Barge, and move between Monitor and Barge states.