Documentation requirements for porting numbers - Amazon Connect

Documentation requirements for porting numbers

The Letter of Authorization (LOA) is an industry standard document type used by carriers to authorize the transfer of a phone number from one carrier to another. In many cases, the LOA is specific to the country or region, carrier, or porting relationship between the losing and winning carriers. If your number can be ported, Amazon Connect support will provide you with an LOA form appropriate for the situation.

For more information, see How to complete an LOA.

Additionally, regulations in some countries require a local business address and specific documentation to use a phone number. For country specific requirements, see Region requirements for ordering and porting phone numbers. If this is required, we will ask for this information to be submitted with the completed LOA.

Common reasons why carriers reject an LOA

There are four common reasons that an LOA may be initially rejected by the losing carrier:

  • Unsatisfactory business relationship

    This usually means that you have an unpaid balance or the carrier charges a port away fee. After you pay the bill or fee to your carrier, we will resubmit the port request.

  • Name or address mismatch

    The information you submitted on your Letter of Authorization (LOA) is different from what's on file with your carrier in their Customer Service Record (CSR). To fix this, contact your existing carrier to update your CSR information, obtain the correct CSR information, or both. Let us know when they update your information and we will resubmit the port request. Or, send us a new LOA with the correct information as provided by your existing carrier.

  • Number cannot be ported

    We will work with all Amazon Connect carriers in a Region to support the porting of your numbers. In some cases, however, specific numbers may not be portable because of regulatory restrictions or carrier limitations. In these situations, consider claiming a new number from Amazon Connect.

  • Missing information

    One or more fields have been left blank on the LOA. This may include a missing signature, phone number, address information, or other requested information. Review all LOAs before submitting them to ensure that you have filled out all requested data. After the LOA is updated with all the required information, we will resubmit the port request.