Sample inbound flow (first contact experience) - Amazon Connect

Sample inbound flow (first contact experience)


This topic explains a sample flow that is included with Amazon Connect. For information about locating the sample flows in your instance, see Sample flows.

Type: Flow (inbound)

This sample flow is automatically assigned to the phone number that you claimed when you first set up flows. For more information, see Get started.

It uses the Check contact attributes block to determine if the contact is contacting you by phone or chat, or if it is a task, and to route them accordingly.

  • If the channel is chat or task, the contact is transferred to the Sample queue configurations.

  • If the channel is voice, then based on user input the contact is either transferred to the other sample flows or a sample follow-up agent task is created for this contact.

The following image shows the sample inbound flow. We recommend viewing the flow in the flow designer so you can see the details.

                The sample inbound flow.