Sample disconnect flow - Amazon Connect

Sample disconnect flow


This topic explains a sample flow that is included with Amazon Connect. For information about locating the sample flows in your instance, see Sample flows.

Type: Flow (inbound)

This sample works with voice, chat, and task contacts.

Chat contacts

  1. The Play prompt block shows a text message that the agent has disconnected.

  2. A Wait block sets the timeout period for 15 minutes. If the customer returns in 15 minutes, the customer is transferred to a queue to chat with another agent.

  3. If the customer doesn't return, the timer expires and the chat disconnects.

Voice contacts

  1. Sets a user-defined attribute, DisconnectFlowRun. If it = Y, disconnect.

  2. Gets customer input, whether they were happy with service.

  3. Terminates flow.

Task contacts

  1. Checks contact attributes, whether Agent ARN = NULL.

  2. Transfers to agent's queue.

  3. If at capacity, disconnects.

For a list and description of all the disconnect reasons, see DisconnectReason in the ContactTraceRecord.