Get started with Amazon Connect - Amazon Connect

Get started with Amazon Connect

Use these steps to set up your contact center.

  1. Create an Amazon Connect instance. Use an instance to contain all the resources and settings related to your contact center. You specify where voice recordings and chat transcripts are stored, and how you plan to manage user accounts and other aspects.

  2. Set up phone numbers for your contact center. If you're using voice, either claim a phone number that AWS provides, or port your current phone number to Amazon Connect. If you choose to port your numbers, we suggest claiming a number so you can test Amazon Connect and build your contact center while waiting for your numbers to be ported over.

  3. Set up routing. Create your queues and routing profiles, and set your hours of operation. In your routing profiles, specify the channels that agents should use: voice, chat, or both. You also specify how many chats an agent can manage at the same time.

  4. Create Amazon Connect contact flows. Establish a contact flow to define the customer experience with your contact center from start to finish. A single contact flow works for both voice and chat, which makes your design more efficient. When you build contact flows and configure the blocks, indicate how the flow should work for voice, chat, or both.

  5. Add users, which are your managers and agents, and configure their settings. Assign a routing profile to each agent, specify whether they are using a softphone or desk phone, and set how long they have for After contact work. For instructions, see Add users to Amazon Connect and Set up agents.

  6. If you're using chat, enable your customer-facing app to engage with Amazon Connect chat. For an example on GitHub, click here.

Next steps

There's a lot you can do to optimize your contact center. Here are a couple of additional steps that you may find useful:

  1. Set up recording behavior. Monitor live conversations and review past conversations. This is a way that managers can coach agents and help them improve. For voice conversations, set up recording in your contact flows. For chat conversations, set up recording at the instance level.

    To learn how to monitor conversations, see Monitor live conversations.

  2. Add an Amazon Lex bot. Use Amazon Lex in your contact center to reduce the load on your agents. For example, a bot can handle the initial interaction before the chat is routed to an agent, and also answer common questions for the customer.