Sample queued callback - Amazon Connect

Sample queued callback


This sample flow is available in previous Amazon Connect instances. In new instances, you can see examples of queued callback in Sample interruptible queue flow with callback and Sample queue configurations.

Type: Flow (inbound)

This flow provides callback queue logic. Here's how it works:

  1. After a voice prompt, a working queue is selected and its queue status is checked.

  2. A voice prompt tells the customer if the wait time for the selected queue is longer than 5 minutes. Customers are offered a choice to wait in the queue or to be placed into a callback queue.

  3. If the customer decides to wait in the queue, the Set customer queue flow block places them in a queue flow that provides a callback option. That is, it places them in Sample interruptible queue flow with callback.

  4. If the customer chooses to be placed into a callback queue, their number is stored in the Store customer input block. Then their callback number is set, and they are transferred to the callback queue.

For information about queued callbacks, see the following topics: